Group photo one (missing Amanda and Riley)

Georgia Rambo (pictured above in the middle), known affectionately by her staff and customers as “Fairy Godmother”, works tirelessly to fulfill her promise of “if you can dream it, I can make it."

She and her team specialize in embroidery, appliqué, monogramming, wood burning, laser etching, and graphic design! If you are looking for embroidered throw pillows, monogrammed towels, appliquéd children and adult clothing, customizable charcuterie boards, ornaments, jewelry, crockery, or a zany idea that you’ve always wanted to fulfill for personal use, this group has got you covered.

Meet & Greet Your Fairy Godmother

Georgia Rambo with fairy wings

Combining her gifts of creativity, talent for sewing, and love of people, Georgia Rambo founded Sew Dreams Come True in 2016 to make quality, appliquéd, and embroidered creations that bring people joy.

Personal Quotes: "I chose Fairy Godmother as my title because of a place we visited on our 20th anniversary called Barnsley Gardens. There was a woman on staff there called the Fairy Godmother and, quite literally, if you asked for something, anything your heart desires, she would make it happen. She was incredible."

Ideas brought in that involve designs from scratch are my favorite because they require the most creativity, both from the customer and from my team and I.”

“Ultimately, my favorite thing is a happy customer - when he or she leaves with a wide smile, it warms my friggin’ heart!” 

“I am a *different* person; the group knows that I bring my best eccentric, *real* self every day and they are expected to as well. It affects the bottom line and makes for a happier workplace.”

Georgia and her husband, Mark, live within walking distance of the Historic Marietta Square with their Westie pup, McKenzie. Their grown son, Taylor, is the Executive Director of the Georgia Symphony Orchestra. Be sure to say hi to McKenzie if she greets you at the door!

Meet the Team

Julia making a funny face

Julia: Top Dog & Georgia’s Right Hand (Wo)Man

“The weirdest project I’ve worked on here was making a diaper for a lizard. My fondest memory of the group was when we assembly-lined face masks during COVID.”

Lavonna leaning into the camera

LaVona: The Helper

“I have enjoyed making pillows, face masks, dolls, and baby clothes while working here. My best memory was when Georgia and I went online looking for glasses that I could try on...we about died laughing. We (as a group) are so happy we’re in a building with no more stairs!”

Gabby smiling for the camera

Gabby: Right Hand Man to the Right Hand Man

“I never made pants before working here, so I have enjoyed learning how to sew Christmas pants. I’ve also liked making the bags with the people on them - the pattern is fun. The creativity of this place and these people brings out a lot of joy.”

Ginger holding up scissors used for embroidery

Ginger: Support to The Helper

“I’ve had the colors of the wind on my hands making Christmas ornaments so far. My best memory is when a customer wanted to use the poles in our office to pole dance.”


Riley: Handy Girl Extraordinaire

"I used to do baby onesies with vinyl designs on them and we would make matching pants with fabric at the office. We have a lot of inside jokes like funny gifts we've made for each other or memorable sayings, mostly from Georgia."


Group photo number 2

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