How to Order

Welcome to the customization side of Sew Dreams Come True! Here you can submit an order for customization of any product you would like. Whether you need jackets for a corporate event or onesies for a special gift, we have you covered! Follow the steps outlined below for the best customization experience:

  1. Visit the "Browse Product Options" page
  2. View our wide selection of products that can be customized. Pick the one(s) you like and make sure you know what product number, color, size, and quantity you would like!
  3. Visit our Contact Page and call, text, or fill out the contact form to tell us about your customization dreams! Please be sure to include product number(s) and other necessary information.
  4. Enjoy your custom accessories and apparel!


Have a Sew Dream that you’d love to see come true? Call or text (470)-779-2328 or leave a comment on our Contact Page. We look forward to talking with you and we'd love to work with you!