Boutique Face Mask: Be Safe, Be Fun, Be Stylish

All of my boutique face masks are cotton and are made in compliance with the CDC guidelines for Homemade Cloth Face Coverings, which I include with each of the masks I make.

- Please remember, these masks are not meant to replace the recommended practices of social distancing, frequent hand washing and avoiding touching your face. -

The approximate production lead time is 10 days. Pre-Order your boutique face mask today to get on the schedule. Georgia will contact you to discuss the fabric that best meets your wishes.

My masks are 2 ply - in other words, there are two layers of fabric used in the construction. There is a pocket on the inside of the mask in case you want to add a third layer of protection. If desired you may add a layer of felt, wool felt, fleece, rayon fabric, hypo-allergenic pillowcase fabric or cotton quilt batting.

2-ply Sew Dreams Come True COVID-19 Mask

As a sewist, I was receiving emails on a daily basis with patterns and instructions on making homemade face masks for the medical field. This has become a huge interest for all who own a sewing machine. Everyone wants to help out however they can to make sure all are protected from the COVID-19 coronavirus. So I jumped in and started making masks, too! Pre-Order your boutique face mask today.

Custom Embroidered COVID-19 Mask

Please let me know if I can help you!

I love being able to do this work and to make custom designed things for you, your families, your businesses and friends. I have over 200+ different fabric designs available to make sure you get exactly what you need. Please reach out either on Facebook, by Text/Call, or Email at the contact information below.

Our Facebook Page: Sew Dreams Come True

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Text or Call: (470) 779-2328


Please remember that we're all in this together. I'm thankful for you!

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